Labia Changes with Age

Labia Size and Shape: What You Need To Know About Your Body’s Natural Response To The Physical Activity Of Peeing!

The average woman in her 20s will experience a noticeable change in the size of her labia minora (the lips around the opening of your vaginal canal) during puberty. These changes are due to natural hormonal changes that occur throughout your life.

In fact, many women have reported that their labia have gotten larger or smaller over time. However, some women have experienced a complete loss of size while others gained weight or lost it altogether.

Some women even report that they no longer notice any difference in their labia after having children.

Some doctors believe that this is due to the fact that when you become pregnant, your body begins producing hormones which cause your genitals to grow in length and girth. Other doctors believe that these changes may be due to the fact that your body actually loses fat cells during pregnancy.

Whatever the reason, there is one thing we do know for sure: if you want to maintain a youthful appearance, you need to keep up on all aspects of your physical activity. If not, then you could end up looking like a 50 year old grandma!

So what does this mean?

This means that maintaining a proper diet, keeping up on your weight training, and most importantly, keeping up on your cardiovascular exercise can do wonders for keeping you in shape and maintaining your girlish figure!

However, low intensity exercises won’t do the trick. In fact, low intensity exercises such as jogging or long distance cycling can actually cause your labia to lose elasticity and begin to sag.

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Keeping up on your high-intensity interval training, however, will actually keep your labia from losing elasticity and becoming raggedy.

This means that you should make a habit of doing quick sprints or jumping jacks every few hours. This is also why you shouldn’t wear underwear as often…

The constant rubbing from your undies can cause serious damage to your labia’s elasticity. You might want to try going commando when you can.

What Else Can I Do To Keep Myself Looking Young?

In addition to keeping your labia in tip-top shape, it’s important to keep your vaginal canal clean as well. After all, this is the entrance to one of the most sensitive organs in your body!

You wouldn’t want it to be dirty or clogged with gunk, now would you?

This is why you should make a habit of properly cleaning your vaginal canal on a regular basis.

Now there are many things you can do to safely clean out your vaginal canal. One thing you could do is purchase a douche online or at your local drug store.

These devices can be used to squirt water or some other sanitizing solution directly up into your vaginal canal in order to clean it out.

Or if you want to go the more natural route, you could simply fill a bathtub with hot water and mix in some lemon juice. This will clean out your vaginal canal without harming it in any way.

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In any case, if you want to make sure that your vaginal canal stays squeaky clean, then be sure to do this on a regular basis. Remember that a clean and healthy vaginal canal is a happy vaginal canal!

And a happy vaginal canal is a sign of a healthy and youthful you.

How Can I Be Sure That I’m Getting Clean?

Trust me, there’s nothing worse than a vaginal infection. If you’re not careful when cleaning out your vaginal canal, then bacteria can easily get inside and cause an infection.

This can cause serious problems in the long-run. This is why it’s important to use a product that’s been scientifically proven to kill bacteria.

A great example of such a product would be feminine wipes. These wipes are designed especially for women and can be bought over the counter at any drug store.

Feminine wipes are pre-moistened with an anti-bacterial agent that will kill off any bacteria that could be living in your vaginal canal. They’re also quite convenient and easy to use.

Just take a wipe and gently wipe down the inside of your vaginal canal, and any other area you can comfortably reach.

Make sure to always read the directions on whatever product you decide to use, just to make sure you’re using it effectively.

How Can I Train My Labia To Be Longer?

There are several exercises you can do in order to make your labia longer and more shapely. The first of these exercises is called the “Crab Walk.” All you do for this exercise is spread your legs upside down so your labia are clinging to the sides of your hips. Then, walk sideways across the floor, much like a crab.

The next exercise involves using your hands. For this one, you’re going to need a full-length mirror and some scissors.

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What you want to do is trim away excess tissue from your labia. Trim slowly and carefully. You may want to seek guidance from a friend who is familiar with this sort of thing.

How Can I Make Them Bigger?

Well, you can try hormones, but that’s a pretty drastic measure. There are also these neat little keychain-sized devices you can put in your vaginal canal to give it extra depth. All you have to do is put it in, turn a knob to inflate it, and then take it out. You can Google it if you want to find out where to buy one.

These devices can be used in addition to labial stretching, or on their own. It’s completely up to you.

How Can I Make The Color Darker?

There are a few ways to make your labia darker if you’re not fond of the bright pink color. The first thing you can do is apply a little bit of cocoa butter to your labia every day.



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