Torn Frenulum (Banjo String)

Torn Frenulum (Banjo String)

The word “frenulum” means string or band around which strings are strummed. The term refers to the ligament that connects the base of your spine to your pelvis.

It is commonly known as the pelvic floor muscles. They are responsible for maintaining proper alignment of the uterus, bladder, bowel and other internal organs.

When this muscle is weak or damaged, it causes pain when you have sexual activity.

In the case of Torn Frenulum, it occurs when the muscle is torn or damaged. There are two possible causes. One is unnatural or even abusive sexual activity like being whipped. The other one has to do with sports. It can be a result of contact sports or accidents that occur while playing them.

Other types of physical activity where flexibility is required can also lead to this condition.

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Tearing of this muscle is also called “frenulum frictum.” In that case, the condition is also known as Torn (Brand) Frenulum Frictum. It is when a part of the frenulum is torn off. These conditions are rare.

Torn Frenulum (Banjo String) is a condition that is commonly found in childhood. There are two common forms.

1. Weak or Physically Weak Frenulum

This type of Torn Frenulum is usually seen in children who don’t get enough nutrients or growth opportunity. This may happen if the child is born small or the mother is malnourished during pregnancy. This can also happen if a child is born male and lacks the testosterone to compete with other males for resources.

One of the most common causes of this condition is abuse. It can be emotional, sexual, or physical. When this occurs during childhood, it can result in a very weak frenulum.

With this condition, there is usually a fair amount of pain involved during sexual activity. The condition is self-limiting. With continued nourishment and growth, the condition corrects itself.

2. Overuse or Repeated Physical Activity

Over time, this condition can lead to Torn Frenulum (Banjo String). A person with this condition will develop weak or torn frenulum over time through overuse or even misuse of the muscle.

There are two common forms of this condition. One is called Stretch-and-Tear Frenulum. It is when a person has overstretched the muscle or has torn it during normal activity. The other is called Tear-and-Tear Frenulum. This occurs when a person purposely tears the muscle while performing sexual activity such as during rough fellatio or even rimming.

There is a common misconception that non-consensual activity like fisting or dildoing will also cause this condition. This is not the case.

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In some cases, physical activity may correct the condition. If a person has a weak or stretched frenulum, performing a specific kind of regular and intense physical activity can strengthen it back to normal. This can be done with the guidance of a medical professional.

There is no specific way to treat Torn Frenulum (Banjo String), as it depends on the underlying cause of the condition and if it has been present for a long time or not. If a person has a weak or stretched frenulum, specific physical therapy may strengthen the muscle.

Torn Frenulum (Banjo String) and Overuse Frenulum result in pain during sexual activity. The pain is usually on the underside of the glans during erection. Arousal, stimulation, and lube may help with this condition.

Torn Frenulum (Banjo String) can be self-treated by resting the frenulum, stretching the frenulum to lengthen it, and applying a light application of lube before sexual activity.

If this condition persists or gets worse, a medical professional should be consulted.



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