What is Encephalitis lethargica

What is Encephalitis Lethargica?

Encephalitis lethargica (also known as “The Walking Dead” or simply “the disease” is a viral infection caused by the coronavirus. It was first identified in New York City in 1917, where it killed around 10% of those infected within two weeks. Since then, it has spread throughout the world. There are currently no vaccines available to prevent or treat this virus.

The virus itself causes extreme lethargy, or sleepiness. Other symptoms include: “Facial droopings” where the patient is unable to control the movement of facial muscles, “Blank stare” where the patient stares into nothingness with dilated pupils, and “Frequent Sticking”, which affects hand-eye coordination.

In some cases of extreme hunger, the infected will not be able to resist eating flesh. This causes a ravenous hunger that can only be sated by the taste of fresh human or animal flesh.

The virus has a “Humming Noise” associated with it. There is no other noise with it, just a constant humming that affects the brain and causes extreme lethargy. There are also cases of the infected being able to sense one another, and to sense humans.

Sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch all become dulled when around an infected. The virus itself may be the cause of this, as it could be emitting a signal.

The infected have not been able to communicate verbally. Due to the higher brain functions shutting down and the infection spreading through the brain, it has been seen that the infected are unable to produce speech.

The infected also have a ravenous hunger for flesh. They may be able to smell fresh human flesh from miles away.

If you see an infected, remain calm. They are unable to communicate, and lack the intelligence of a normal human. If you see one, follow these steps:

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1) Get out of sight.

2) Make no noise, as this attracts their attention.

3) If you are seen, don’t run.

1) They are faster than you.

2) They can sense you.

3) You will never outrun them.

4) They will always outrun you.

5) They will never lose interest.

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6) You will become infected if bitten, even if you become a “Late-One”.

You can escape on a car or a bus. They move slower than you. They can sense you, but not as well as they can smell you or hear you.

You can shelter in a big building. They can’t enter.

If you have a gun, you can kill them. Aim for the head.

Symptoms of Encephalitis Lethargica

Those infected with encephalitis lethargica suffer from extreme sleepiness, a blank stare, facial droop, and an inability to control the movement of

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