What is GemCarbo Chemotherapy

What is GemCarbo Chemotherapy?

GemCarbo chemo therapy is a type of chemotherapy which uses the drug gemcitabine (brand name: Carbatrol) or carboplatin (Brand name: Xarelto). These drugs are used to treat some types of cancers. They have been shown to be effective against certain kinds of tumors.

How Does GemCarbo Work?

GemCarbo is a chemotherapy drug. Chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells by damaging their DNA, which prevents them from multiplying and repairing themselves.

GemCarbo is used in combination with other drugs to treat a number of different types of cancer, including non-small cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, and others.

The combination of drugs is called Folfiri and Gemzib or Zipelda. These drugs are not targeted therapies, which means they do not work in a specific way to fight cancer. Instead, they are broad spectrum drugs that fight a wide range of cancers.

They kill the rapidly dividing cells in the body, which can include cancerous and healthy cells.

GemCarbo and CAR-T cell therapy are both a kind of immunotherapy. They help the body’s own immune system fight the cancer cells.

How is GemCarbo Administered?

GemCarbo is normally given intravenously. It can also be inhaled as well. A common method of administering GemCarbo is through an IV. With this delivery mode, the drug goes directly into the body. An alternative method is known as an inhalation. With this method, the drug is absorbed through the lining of the mouth.

GemCarbo can be taken at home for some types of cancer. The patient will be trained to give him or herself the drug as opposed to having a professional administer it.

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An alternative method of delivery is known as a intra-arterial infusion. This is a process in which the drug is directly infused into the blood supply of the liver. This method can only be used in particular situations and in specialized medical centers.

What are the Side-Effects of GemCarbo?

The side effects of GemCarbo are known to be very harsh. The drug can cause extreme fatigue, hair loss, anemia, mouth sores, and high levels of lactate. Its side effects can be lethal. This means that the patient can die from them, even though the drug is being used to fight the cancer. Chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells and healthy cells. They try to kill as many cancer cells as possible. This in effect also kills healthy cells, which can lead to a lot of side effects.

Who Can Take GemCarbo?

GemCarbo can be taken by most patients. This includes adults and children who are at least two years old. The drug has been tested on pediatric patients as young as one year old in some cases. It can be used in patients who have brain or spinal tumors. It can also be used in patients with metastatic kidney cancer and other types of cancer that have spread to the liver.

Who Should Not Take GemCarbo?

GemCarbo should not be taken by pregnant women or women who are nursing. It should not be taken by men whose female sexual partner is pregnant or nursing.

There are some people who should not take GemCarbo. These people include:

People who are allergic to pemetrexed

People who have had an allergic reaction to drugs similar to pemetrexed in the past

People with a history of certain side effects to pemetrexed

People with severe anemia or low blood counts

What are the Possible Side Effects of GemCarbo?

As stated above, the side effects of GemCarbo can be quite severe. They can be life threatening. These side effects include:

Low blood cell counts


Severe diarrhea

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Nausea and vomiting


Mouth sores

Loss of appetite

Stomach pain

Decreased sense of taste

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Loss of muscle strength



Bleeding in the brain or spinal cord

Bleeding in the stomach or intestines

Heart rhythm problems

Inflammation of the kidneys

Inflammation of the liver

Kidney failure

Liver failure

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Hand-foot syndrome

Low levels of platelets in the blood

Low levels of white blood cells in the blood

Low levels of red blood cells in the blood

Bone marrow depression

Inflammation of the spinal cord causing loss of sensation, weakness, or paralysis

Inflammation of the brain causing loss of vision, double vision, pain, or numbness

What if I Have More Questions?

The FDA has warned that GemCarbo can cause severe side effects that can even be life-threatening. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Your doctor may tell you to stop taking the drug.

If you have more questions about the side effects of GemCarbo, speak with your oncologist.

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GemCarbo is a chemotherapy drug used to treat liver cancer. It can be used alone or with other chemotherapy drugs. It is given by vein (IV).

GemCarbo can cause side effects that are life-threatening. These side effects include anemia, nausea, diarrhea, low white blood cell counts, low red blood cell counts, and mouth sores.

GemCarbo can also cause severe side effects such as loss of muscle strength, infection, and bleeding in the brain.

If you have any of the above side effects contact your doctor immediately.

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