What is Gynecology

What is Gynecology?

Gynecologists are specialists in women’s health. They deal with all aspects of female reproductive system such as fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care. They treat various types of diseases including cancer, endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, infertility and many others. Gynecologists have a very broad range of skills ranging from basic medical knowledge to advanced surgical procedures. They also have expertise in other areas such as obstetrics, family planning, gynecological surgery and much more.

Why Become A Gynecologist?

1. The work schedule of a gynecologist is usually quite flexible.

You can choose your own hours and are not bound to a particular schedule.

2. You get some of the best job security possible as women all need to see a gynecologist at least once in their lifetime.

3. They earn quite a lot of money for the job they do as there are not too many gynecologists in the world.

4. You get to help people who are in need.

5. You get to perform routine examinations on a daily basis.

6. You can give medical advice and even prescribe medicine where needed.

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7. You get to perform surgeries on a regular basis and get a great sense of achievement.

8. You get to work independently and be your own boss in a way.

9. It is an absolutely fascinating job as you get to deal with all types of women with a variety of health issues.

10. You get to educate people and help the less fortunate.

11. You get to do something that is needed and very useful.

12. You get to contribute to the scientific community by regularly doing research on women’s health issues.

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13. You get to be creative as there is always room for improvising.

14. You get to travel to distant places and countries as part of your job.

15. You get to go on exciting trips from time to time.

16. You get to help women in labor and watch new life come into this world.

17. You get to treat pregnant women and watch them go through one of the most miraculous experiences of their lives.

18. You get to educate people and bring a little more enlightenment to the world.

19. You get to save lives on a daily basis.

20. You get to keep yourself mentally stimulated at all times as each day is different than the last.

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21. You get to dictate your own hours and when you take time off.

22. You get to work independently without too much supervision.

23. You get to solve complex problems on a regular basis.

24. You get to interact with different types of people every day.

25. You get to wear whatever you want to work.

26. You get to choose your own team if you wish to have one.

27. You get to choose your own office space.

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28. You get to pick your own hours.

29. You get to choose your own career path.


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