What is Malocclusion

What is Malocclusion?

Malocclusion means abnormal tooth growth. Rabbits are born with normal teeth. They grow out of them naturally. But if they do not have enough room to eat properly, then their teeth will become crooked or even misshapen. Rabbits with malocclusion are unable to chew food properly and may choke on it. Sometimes they develop other problems like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many others. There are different kinds of malocclusions:

Class I – The most common kind of malocclusion is Class I. The incisors are pushed apart, or the upper and lower incisors do not meet properly.

Class II – The teeth meet each other, but they do not touch.

Class III – The teeth do not meet each other at all.

What are the different types of malocclusion?

There are different kinds of malocclusion:

Anterior crossbite – The upper incisors bite inside the lower incisors. It is also called a lateral crossbite.

Lip Bite – There is an overlap of the upper incisors over the lower lip.

Overbite – The upper incisors bite over the upper lip. It is also called an overjet.

Overjet – The upper incisors protrude out over the lower incisors. It is also called an overbite.

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Underbite – The lower incisors bite inside the upper incisors. It is also called a Lateral Underbite.

What are the causes of malocclusion?

The following can cause malocclusion:

Heredity – If your parents had malocclusion, then you are more likely to have it too.

Not having enough space to eat properly – Not having enough room to eat can cause malocclusion

Pregnancy – Pregnant rabbits can suffer from malocclusion. This is because their body changes during the pregnancy.

Other health problems – Other health problems can also lead to malocclusion.

What is the treatment for malocclusion?

There are different ways to fix a rabbit’s teeth. Some require surgery, while others are done without the need of a medical professional. Below are some of the treatments for malocclusion.

Soft diet – Your rabbit should eat softer food to prevent them from wearing down their teeth too much.

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Fiber – Adding more fiber into your rabbit’s diet can help them digest their food better.

Hardware cloth – You can make your rabbit’s food bowl out of a stainless steel hardware cloth. This way they cannot wear down their teeth as much.

Restricting your rabbit’s diet – You can only feed your rabbit certain kinds of food that is easy for them to digest.

Mouthguards – You can buy a special mouthguard from your veterinarian to protect your rabbit’s teeth.

Feed hay – Hay is a great way to keep your rabbit’s teeth filed down. They need to eat a lot of hay every day.

What is the prognosis?

Malocclusion can lead to many other health problems. If your rabbit’s incisors are too long, they can break through the roof of their mouth. This will cause drooling and other serious health issues. It may also result in a fatal bacterial infection.

If you find your rabbit with malocclusion, then you should take them to a veterinarian immediately. The longer you leave it, the more serious the condition will be.

A veterinarian may need to perform surgery on your rabbit to correct the problem. They will also need to give them medication so that they do not experience any pain from the surgery.

Can my rabbit live a normal life?

Your rabbit can live a normal life if the malocclusion is caught early enough. Take them to a veterinarian immediately if you suspect that they have malocclusion.

What is the best diet for rabbits?

A rabbit’s diet should contain:

80% Hay – This can keep your rabbit’s teeth trimmed down. You should feed them at least 1 cup of hay every day.

10% Vegetables – Your rabbit may eat leafy vegetables, such as collard greens, kale, mustard greens, and turnip greens.

5% Fruits -You should feed your rabbit small amounts of fruits such as cranberries, melon, and raspberries.

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5% Commercial food – You can feed your rabbit a little bit of commercial pellets. This should only be 5% of their diet. This will also help them from getting sick on their food.

More information

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Feeding your rabbit

If you need to give your rabbit medicine, then it is best to crush up the medicine and mix it in with their food. This will ensure that they eat the medicine and not just play with it.

You should feed your rabbit at least 1 cup of food per 4 pounds of body weight. You can feed them unlimited hay, but they will likely only eat a couple of handfuls.

Do not feed your rabbit lettuce. This is not good for them, as it causes diarrhea. It also doesn’t have many nutrients that they need.

Hay is an essential part of a rabbit’s diet. The fiber that is in the hay helps them to digest their food better and keeps their intestines working properly. It also prevents obesity, since rabbits don’t overeat naturally.

What if my rabbit is not eating?

If you have just adopted a rabbit, then it may take a day or two to get them to eat. You should not leave food out for them to nibble on. You should only feed them a couple of times per day and only leave the food out for them for a few minutes.

Make sure that the food you give them is something that they have been previously fed. Do not try to introduce a new food without weaning them from the old food first.

If a rabbit stops eating for more than a day or two, then they are probably sick. Take them to the veterinarian immediately.

What if my rabbit is overweight?

If a rabbit is overweight then you need to cut down on the amount of calories that they consume. Also ensure that they are getting plenty of exercise, so that they burn off some of those calories.

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You can feed them less calories by giving them less of their food, or give them a lower calorie version of their regular food. You can also give them some hay to munch on. This will keep them from binge eating, and they will feel full.

It is best to get your rabbit off of pellets. They really don’t need them, except for the nutrients that they provide. If they have unlimited access to pellets, then they will overeat on them and become sick.

A rabbit’s teeth grow continuously throughout their lives. If their teeth grow too long, then they can no longer eat and eventually will die. You should check your rabbit’s teeth every couple of weeks and clip them if necessary.

There are many treats that you can give your rabbit, but some of them are not very healthy. You can give them fruits and vegetables, but make sure that these have been chopped up into smaller pieces because a rabbit’s teeth are not as strong as they look.

You can give them lettuce, but not too much. Some other vegetables that you can give are broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Some fruits that you can give them are apples and melons.

Some people like to give their rabbits bread and other grains, but this is not recommended. This is because rabbits can’t digest them properly and they can cause all sorts of health problems. Also, rabbits only really eat these things when they are in captivity and have little to no other choice.

We hope this was helpful. Happy raising!


Rabbits are naturally prey animals. This means that they suffer from nervousness. If you pick up a rabbit, then it is likely to get scared.

This can cause it to release a smelly fluid, which gets on your hands and the rabbit itself.

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If you do not want to get this fluid on your hands, then wear gloves. If you do not want the rabbit to get this on you, then cover it with a small blanket. This will also help calm it down so that you can handle it better.

Feeding a rabbit once isn’t enough for them to thrive. You need to feed them twice as much as you would a cat or a dog. The best time to do this is in the morning and at night.

Rabbits love to dig. If you let them run around your yard then they will most likely dig holes all over the place. This can be annoying if you are trying to keep your yard looking presentable.

If this is a problem for you, then you should build a small “pen” for them to play in.

Children under the age of seven should not be allowed to handle rabbits without supervision. This is because they are prone to drop or mishandle them, which can cause injury to themselves and the rabbit.

Rabbits can live up to fifteen years, but this is not the case for the majority of them. Many die much sooner from factors such as disease, predators, cars, and other things.

If you can’t have a rabbit as a pet, then you could always adopt one. They have many rabbits at shelters that need a good home. Check your local shelter if you want to do that.

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A rabbit’s teeth grow throughout their lives. You need to make sure to give them chew toys, which help wear down their teeth. This keeps them from growing too long and causing problems.

When picking up a rabbit, you only need to pick it up from underneath. Never pick it up from its ears or legs as this can cause injury. Pick it up by sliding one hand underneath the bottom of its body while supporting its back with the other.

Your rabbit will need a place to sleep. Get it a nice pet bed for this, but make sure that it can’t get stuck inside of it. You may need to supervise your rabbit when it’s first using the bed.

Pet stores that sell rabbits are not actually a good place to buy one. Many of the rabbits there are neglected and abused by their owners. It would be better if you adopted one from a shelter.


There are several different breeds of rabbit. The most common ones are the Belgian hare, the Dutch, English spot, and the New Zealand white.

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The Belgian hare is a big rabbit with long ears. It has a black stripe going down its nose to its chin along with a white chin and paws. The rest of it is colored gray.

The Dutch is a small rabbit with white fur and black ears. It has black spots on its back and three brown bars on its forehead.

The English spot is a small rabbit with white fur and black spots all over its body. These spots may vary in size and number.

The New Zealand white is a big rabbit with white fur and a black stripe going down its nose to its chin. The rest of its face is pink.

The other common breeds of rabbit include the Californian, the Austrian, the Himalayan, and many others. All of them have their own unique look.

Natural Habitat:

Rabbits live in open fields, meadows, forests, deserts, and many other kinds of environment. This is because they are very fast and can easily escape from danger.

Physical Features:

Rabbits have sharp teeth, powerful hind legs, and strong claws for digging and running. They have very sensitive ears that can detect the slightest vibration. They also have a great sense of smell, which allows them to detect scents carried by the wind and follow trails.

Life Cycle:

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Rabbits are usually only able to have one or two babies at a time, but they can have as many as eight. The babies are born naked and blind. They also do not leave the nest immediately.

The mother will lick them until they gain some hair, at which point they will leave the nest to find food.

Rabbits survive by eating grass and other vegetation, although they aren’t fussy and will eat anything that they can find. They will also drink water when they can.

Rabbits are prey animals that have many predators. The most common of these include humans, hawks, eagles, weasels, and snakes.


Rabbits generally live in burrows underground, although these burrows are nothing like those of moles. They are simple paths that fork off into many different tunnels. These burrows provide protection from the rabbits’ predators as well as a place to sleep and hide from danger.


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Rabbits are herbivores, which means that they eat vegetation. They generally eat grass and plants, although they will sometimes eat things like carrots, lettuce, and other similar foods. They do not drink water, as they get all that they need from the plants that they eat.


-Rabbits are among the most popular animals kept as pets.

-Fur from rabbits was once used to make hats and other clothing.

-“The White Rabbit” is a character in Lewis Caroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

-A rabbit’s foot is considered to be lucky by many people.

-Rabbits have three eyelids to protect their eyes from dirt and dust.

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-Rabbits have two rows of teeth, with the inner row being replaced every six months.

-Rabbits can hear sound frequencies higher than any other mammal.

-Rabbits were the first mammals to be affected by the Big Bang of Dogs.

-The extinct Irish rabbit is a rabbit that was native to Ireland. It became extinct through overhunting by the Irish.

-Some languages, like Spanish, have different words for “rabbit” and “hare”.

-Rabbits and humans have almost identical genes, so much so that a human gene injected into a rabbit cell can reprogram the rabbit cell into becoming human cells.

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